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Kristine Domingo, Baby Dove Brand Manager

Everyone who knows Jas, knows that she’s an expert at making people look like the best version of themselves — always careful to enhance and not hide someone’s features. But what most may not know, is how easy Jas is to be around. She brings great energy in all our shoots, and goes beyond what’s expected of her — all to help make sure that all the objectives we set out to do are achieved. She’s definitely a gem in the industry!

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Tab Abad of Harem Inc.

Jasmine is down to earth, friendly and easy to work with.  She gets along with everyone in the team. Its a plus because she is also a customer/user of the brand (Browhaus and The Strip Ministry of Waxing) and she knows it well enough that when she trains or when she hosts an event, it comes naturally to her. You dont have to worry about briefing her; you dont worry about cue cards, because whatever she will share, she shares it as if she is part of the company. It’s as authentic as you can get. 

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