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Dholly & Robin's Beach Wedding

Dholly said, “it has been a pleasure to be made up by one of the country’s well known beauty experts. When I was searching for a MUA, you really stood out since all your brides just has that natural bridal glow and that’s what I got during my engagement shoot and wedding. It just looked so natural and you helped enhance and bring out my bridal glow. Fairy godmother levels tlga kayo! Thank you also for being our reception program host. You made it fast, fun and memorable!”

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WeddingsJasmine Mendiola
Up in the Air

It took them a couple of years of friendship to realize they belonged together. I love this story, and have romanticised it endlessly in my head. They were always destined to meet and end up together, but it had to happen at the right time, when they were both ready for it. - Jeff & Lisa

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Beyond Faith

Justine said, "Thank you for making me your 1st, 2nd, 3rd and last wife" to which Jur's reply was "Although I’m entitled to 4 wives, I vow to marry you the 1st time, the 2nd time, 3rd and [be my] last wife.”

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