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To The Bully’s Mom

It’s a scary time to be a mother to a teenager boy. How do we raise them into men who respect women? How do they turn out to become fathers our future grandchildren will look up to? That’s a lot for one person to handle and I hope you never feel you’re alone. Because while you feel that everyone is ganging up on him right now, I hope you also realise that this is our way of rallying behind you to make sure a lesson is learned and that no one else has to go through what you’re going through right now.

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Cancer Anniversary

 I had never — ever in my life, believed that I was so lucky until a flood of love and generosity had come our way until this day 9 years ago today. No day passes that I am not grateful for all that so many people have done, big or small, in their hearts and in kind, to help my son stay alive.

And tonight I pray that someday, in some way, I will find a way to repay or pay forward the kindness and love that we celebrate 9 years since and the evil that we conquer in many ways.

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Financial Independence

I resent to think that wealth is merely the possession of valuable material things or a hefty amount of money. I will consider myself wealthy when I have the assurance that my loved ones are happy and healthy. Only then will I know that I am living a prosperous, substantial & meaningful life. But money sure will let me realistically afford all that “wealth” I hope for.

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